High School Senior portrait time!

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It is now time to schedule your high school senior portrait session! Get the location you want and don't wait until last minute for limited availability!


I absolutely love photographing high school seniors. They have such cool vibes. From confident and eager to laid back and shy. It is a turning point in their lives where they gain a since of freedom and independence and are faced with decisions they never had to before.  The young carefree stepping into adulthood with a world of options at their fingertips. It is a time to create and cherish this time in their lives for years to come!


I try to capture each seniors individuality in all my senior portrait sessions. We like to have fun with them and see where they take us. Creatively capturing the essence of each senior to showcase each individual accordingly. Whether sports and hobbies play a role or a location that matches their personalities. Below is a little video that will get you thinking about your session! And a few tips below to help you get started.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your senior session:

1. Location location location. We offer in-studio sessions as well as outdoor location sessions. As for studio sessions, they don't have to be boring! I love to get creative with lighting, backdrops and other elements as well. For outdoor sessions, the options are limitless! Downtown with a lot of lines and architecture, classic beach for southern Californians, to the dreamy desert. There are many options and this may be the most difficult decision to make!

2. Outfits!! This is always the number one question (and most difficult to answer) I get... "what should I wear?" The styles are so unique to each individual and the best advice I can give is to be yourself and wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Styles should match the look of the location you are going for and don't be afraid to accessorize. I suggest bringing along 3-5 outfits/styles to choose from and accessories to have if wanted for a few shots. This can include hats, scarves, jewelry, hobby accessorize or sports balls/equipment. Overpacking is better than under packing... So bring it all if it fits!

3. Girls: Hair and Makeup... It is always best to have it done professionally if you can. This will make you feel beautiful and confident during your photo session. If you choose to DYI your hair and makeup make sure to follow these tips; it is okay to wear your foundation a little heavier as long as it matches your skin color and be sure to blend down to your neck. Do not, do not, do not go overboard on they eye makeup. It's best to keep the eye makeup a bit more natural. This doesn't mean to skip on mascara, but just not to add to the usual amount of eye makeup you generally wear.

4. Guys: Don't for get to shave and style your hair! Unless of course you're going for that look. If you're going to get your hair cut before your session, don't wait until the day of or day before. It's best to have it done a couple days earlier.

5. Make sure you get a full nights sleep and plenty of water the day before your session. This ensure your skin will be nice and hydrated and look its best.

6. Iron/Steam those clothes the night before. Nobody likes a wrinkly shirt/dress. And... Have everything set out and ready the night before so you are fully prepared!! 

7. Last but not least... Check with your schools policy regarding yearbook poses, you may be able to use our session for the yearbook pose as well. If your school requires a specific yearbook photographer, remember, you are not obligated to purchase from their studio.


*Your senior portraits can be taken anytime through out the year but the most popular is fall so get yours scheduled today!!




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