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JAN, 2019



Snail WarsBy: Sarah Bracci


I created this image in January of 2019. It is a composite of 5 different photographs. I had been doing a lot of composite work, mostly with my newborn/baby clients using digital backgrounds. Photoshop has always been a tool I've enjoyed. So, I decided to have a little creative fun with my boys.

It was an overcast day with light showers. My boys and I were home for the day enjoying our property and playing in the field. Me, with my camera and brand new TAMRON 90MM MACRO lens I had just bought and was super excited to play with. And the kids with their rain boots and raincoats.

Since the earth was damp from the light showers, snails were out and about. I decided to grab a few shots of the snails and play with different aperture settings. You may not realize it, but the snails in the photo are actually the same snail. Different photographs which were taken seconds apart from each other. The only reason they look different is because I flipped one image and photoshopped the shell so that the imperfections wouldn't be a giveaway.

This is the snail pictured on the left


This is the snail pictured on the right


The Composite just kind of unfolded as we went along. It wasn't planned out by any means. As I was photographing the snails, I thought 'i should photoshop the boys sitting on the snails'. I started with Liam. I had him sit on a bench and hold his hands like he was holding reins. My original idea would be that the snails would have reins lol. So he held up his fists and make an expression of excitement. Next, it was Levi's turn. He, being 4 1/2 at the time was a bit more rambunctious and impatient for following directions. I got what I could. With children, you got to roll with the punches. The stick was a way to make him keep his hands up which originally I thought I'd photoshop out and put in the reins. But hey! It's how the creative process works. Here are the two images of my boys:

2019_01_chicken&snails_1552019_01_chicken&snails_155 2019_01_chicken&snails_1762019_01_chicken&snails_176


It was now time to make the composite. Alot of selecting and masking, rotating and adjusting, dodging and burning, blending and cloning. I then decided reins would not look right. I looked through images and found a perfect blade of grass to photoshop into Liam's fist. and Tuh Duh!

My boys are very competitive. Liam was not happy that he had a blade of grass and his brother had a larger stick. He complained sadly that Levi was going to WIN. I told him I will keep this in mind for future composites. 


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Eva Lucia Fallbrook is known for being a small friendly town. So friendly that when you ask to hold a stranger's baby at the bar... well, they will let you. I had the pleasure to meet this lovely family at one of our favorite restaurants in town, Casa de Estrellas. It was a Saturday afternoon, and we were on our way home from my son's baseball game and, it just happened to be happy hour. My mom and brother had come to watch the game and so we decided to head over for a margarita and chips and salsa (the best in town). My mom and brother got a head start to the restaurant to grab a table. They were able to snag a high-top table in the bar area. My oldest son and I were shortly behind them. Being from Fallbrook, it's hard to go out without running into at least one person you know. This night was no exception. As we walk in I see another fire-wife with her son and his girlfriend. I said hello and chit-chatted for a few before heading to our table. 


Service was quick and on point. I ordered my favorite, the skinny margarita. It is so light and refreshing and not too sweet for my liking. But they sure do sneak up on you so you have to be careful! As we sat, my mother and I admired a shirt a lady was wearing at the bar. Compelled, my mom had to deliver a personal compliment. As she does, she realizes she knows the man she was with. A family acquaintance. He turns around to our table to say hi. As we are conversating, my brother is in his own conversation with the table next to us. He knew him from school and they have common friends, but had some catching up to do. The man held his newborn daughter and so effortlessly as if he had years of experience, held her in the football position with a soft bounce to soothe her. She was so mellow with a thick head of dark hair. Her tiny ears had little diamond studs. I dive in with admiration to find out it is a family tradition and her family home pierces the baby's ears. So adorable and I am in awe and think how much I love it when my newborn clients come in with that amount of hair. Mama was sitting off to the left. It just happened to be her first time out for a drink after their baby had been born and she is four weeks old now. And since they know the owners very well, I'm sure they made her a stiff one!


If you know me, then you know I've always wanted a baby girl. And often joke about trading or taking my friend's baby girls. Or if you're a client, you know I enjoy all the girl accessories that come along with sessions that include baby/toddler girls. But trust!! I am very happy with my two boys. And wouldn't change anything for the world! Back to the story... After my first skinny margarita, I gained the, well, I don't know if it is confidence... But I asked the dad if I could hold his 4-week-old Eva Lucia. AND, he let me!! It may have helped that my mom had been bragging about my skills as a Newborn Photographer... She is my top fan. Also, my brother knew the dad so it wasn't as if I was a complete stranger. I joked with dad about how I was going to steal her! Dad jokingly rebutted with laughter that her uncles all around would not allow anything to happen to little Eva Lucia. As I was holding the sweet baby, I realized my fire wife friend who was with her son and his girlfriend having dinner, would love the sight of this little lady. She also has two boys (although hers are grown) and as a boy mom, we love to admire baby girls and love the idea of grandbaby girls! I walked over and joked that her son and his long-term girlfriend better make my friend a grandma and call me for photos when that happens of course!


After holding Eva for some time, I decided I needed her in my studio and fast as she was already four weeks old and a typical newborn session takes place under 14 days of age. Mama and I talked and exchanged information and made it happen that very next day. Sunday's I generally reserve for church and family but they were such an amazing family and I decided to make an exception. I am happy I did. Her session went very smoothly and she did so well. 


I am so happy to be able to meet new people in this friendly small town everyday and provide a service to my community that will provide them with lasting memories they can enjoy generation after generation. Turning the first days of a newborns life into lasting memories in albums and framed art work is so important. Kids grow so fast especially in the first months. Trust me... I know first hand, as many of my readers do as well. 


Photography has been a passion for quite some time now. I am growing everyday, learning everyday and continuing to expand in any which way I can. From Newborn to Family and in between covering all the milestones life has to offer. High School Seniors Portraits, Headshots to Product Photography. Whatever your portrait needs are, I've got you covered. 

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I had the pleasure of attending WPPI in Vegas this February with a very talented group of photographers! A friend of mine, Amy Dawnelle (Modern Heirloom Photography), my sister Shannon and her Husband Alex Arnold (Arnold Studios), their friend/business partner Amanda McDade, and Amelia Durham (Banyan Photography).

BTSDLB-146The Gang WPPI2020

When we checked out some of the conferences and expo but the highlight of the trip was the Photowalk. Amy Dawnelle with Modern Heirloom Photography took us on a private photo walk. It was a dried up lake bed in the desert. Absolutely stunning setting to pose our beautiful maternity model, Amy's niece, Christa Robinson (approximately 34 weeks). Her two year old son tagged along for the session and ran all around the open desert lake bed!









Amy arranged the fabric bought just for the session around her niece and posed her as we all watched and took our different vantage points and style of photography to capture the beauty. We had a nice range of natural light photography as well as Alex who shot off camera speed light and myself with speed light on camera. Myself and Amy shot with Canon cameras, Alex with Nikon (Alex also brought along his new drone to capture everything from above) and Shannon and Amanda with their new Sony mirrorless cameras. We all shot with different lens as well but I can't remember all those details. We all had such amazing images to share from the back of our cameras and it has been really neat to see the different outcomes from the same session! 

DLB-213DLB-213 DLB-208DLB-208











Behind the scene video and cell phone images were captured by Kellie Robinson and Amelia Durham

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Isolation baking Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins Baking in Isolation

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 4.17.13 PMLiam and Levi

With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus forcing us into isolation, it has also brought fourth some great quality times and homemaking activities. Trying to make the most out of what we have during this trying time, I have decided to start a YouTube channel of the kids. Having fun little experiments and exploring and adventuring around our property. I've been putting my camera equipment to good use while my portrait sessions will have to be postponed.

The first video is of the kids making Grandmas favorite banana bread. The kids of course have made a slight variation from nuts to chocolate chips and loaf into muffins. Whichever way you decide you make yours, I hope you enjoy!

Watch the YouTube Video here!

Banana Bread Recipe:

3 large extra ripe bananas (brown)

2 1/2 cups of flour

1/2 cup of sugar

1/2 cup of packed brown sugar

3 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder

1 teaspoon of salt

3 Tablespoons of vegetable oil

1/3 cup of milk

1 egg

1 cup of chopped pecan (substitute chocolate chips for the kids)


combine all ingredients (except the nuts or chocolate chips. Beat for 30 seconds. Add the nuts (or chocolate chips) and stir until combined.

For a loaf: Grease the bottom only of a loaf pan and fill. Bake for 65 minutes at 350

For muffins: Grease the bottom only of cupcake/muffin pans and Fill each half way. Bake for 15 minutes at 350

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My Struggles of Working from Home Happy 2020!

Oh boy did this year bring in a lot of resolutions for me, my business and family! Although I didn't list my resolutions out, it consists of being better at everything and putting more of myself out there! So this blog is about my struggles of working from home as a stay at home mom, photographer, business owner!

Oh the Struggles of Working from home!! We bought our first family home three years ago. My grandparents built it in 1984; needless to say it needed a face lift. We still have a lot of work to do. We converted the third bedroom into my studio. Its a very small space I like to refer to as my rubik's cube and i laugh as I am making room for the next session good thing I was always good at tetris! Eventually the boys will want their own room and I will be ready to rent a commercial space, but until then I will work from home. Which is not easy by the way. There are sooo many distractions. Currently my view from my office dest I see my kids legos spread across the coffee table spilling onto the floor. The pillows on the couch look like they were in a fight, the central vac is still laid across the floor waiting to finish its job. I look over my shoulder to see the dishes piled at the edge of the sink. It takes all my efforts not to clean the house when I know I have work to do. I have this odd ideal that my creative mind doesn't work in a mess. It's like I feel a block when there is a mess around me. I try sooo hard to ignore it because if I clean first half my day is gone and everyday is the same but new mess! 

Which brings me to the question I get all the time from friends and family who know I work from home. "What do you do all day when the kids are at school?" I have even inquired about someone I was told cleans homes as a side hustle and the housecleaners response was "isn't she home all day?". I guess she didn't want my business! I know I shouldn't get offended because they don't know what it actually takes to run a business. At least a photography business. I have basically created everything myself from the ground up. I am a photographer, set designer, director, editor, accountant, social media manager, marketing director, website developer, scheduler, salesman, buyer, receptionist, research department, packaging and shipping, delivering galleries, inquiries responder and of course continued education is a huge part! I never stop learning. I am constantly taking courses to better my craft! I'm sure I left out some areas too but... There is always work to be done and It is hard to juggle all of the facets of life when you wear many hats! I feel like everything I do is half done or never completed. Time management and outsourcing is something that has been at the top of my list but not sure where to begin with it!

And that was just the business stuff! I am also in charge of taking care of my children, husband pets and home. Laundry, dishes, cleaning all that good stuff that we all wish we had a full time house cleaner for. Reading and homework, dinners, trying to get quality time between all the chores and work is a struggle sometimes. But this is the year I will pull it all in and get it done!

Anyone know of a good housecleaner or social media manager? 


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High School Senior portrait time! It is now time to schedule your high school senior portrait session! Get the location you want and don't wait until last minute for limited availability!


I absolutely love photographing high school seniors. They have such cool vibes. From confident and eager to laid back and shy. It is a turning point in their lives where they gain a since of freedom and independence and are faced with decisions they never had to before.  The young carefree stepping into adulthood with a world of options at their fingertips. It is a time to create and cherish this time in their lives for years to come!


I try to capture each seniors individuality in all my senior portrait sessions. We like to have fun with them and see where they take us. Creatively capturing the essence of each senior to showcase each individual accordingly. Whether sports and hobbies play a role or a location that matches their personalities. Below is a little video that will get you thinking about your session! And a few tips below to help you get started.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your senior session:

1. Location location location. We offer in-studio sessions as well as outdoor location sessions. As for studio sessions, they don't have to be boring! I love to get creative with lighting, backdrops and other elements as well. For outdoor sessions, the options are limitless! Downtown with a lot of lines and architecture, classic beach for southern Californians, to the dreamy desert. There are many options and this may be the most difficult decision to make!

2. Outfits!! This is always the number one question (and most difficult to answer) I get... "what should I wear?" The styles are so unique to each individual and the best advice I can give is to be yourself and wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Styles should match the look of the location you are going for and don't be afraid to accessorize. I suggest bringing along 3-5 outfits/styles to choose from and accessories to have if wanted for a few shots. This can include hats, scarves, jewelry, hobby accessorize or sports balls/equipment. Overpacking is better than under packing... So bring it all if it fits!

3. Girls: Hair and Makeup... It is always best to have it done professionally if you can. This will make you feel beautiful and confident during your photo session. If you choose to DYI your hair and makeup make sure to follow these tips; it is okay to wear your foundation a little heavier as long as it matches your skin color and be sure to blend down to your neck. Do not, do not, do not go overboard on they eye makeup. It's best to keep the eye makeup a bit more natural. This doesn't mean to skip on mascara, but just not to add to the usual amount of eye makeup you generally wear.

4. Guys: Don't for get to shave and style your hair! Unless of course you're going for that look. If you're going to get your hair cut before your session, don't wait until the day of or day before. It's best to have it done a couple days earlier.

5. Make sure you get a full nights sleep and plenty of water the day before your session. This ensure your skin will be nice and hydrated and look its best.

6. Iron/Steam those clothes the night before. Nobody likes a wrinkly shirt/dress. And... Have everything set out and ready the night before so you are fully prepared!! 

7. Last but not least... Check with your schools policy regarding yearbook poses, you may be able to use our session for the yearbook pose as well. If your school requires a specific yearbook photographer, remember, you are not obligated to purchase from their studio.


*Your senior portraits can be taken anytime through out the year but the most popular is fall so get yours scheduled today!!



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MorganCharrette What a beautiful desert flower Morgan is! She is class of 2019 graduating from Great Oak High. We had her photo session in Borrego Springs National Park! All the wild flowers were so gorgeous! All the pics turned out amazing! The wind was a bit wild this day and her hair was blowing which created great depth to all her images!! What a wonderful shoot!! 2019_03_MorganCharrette_1382019_03_MorganCharrette_138Morgan Charrette, beautiful desert flower. Graduating 2019 from Great Oak High! 2019_03_MorganCharrette_1382019_03_MorganCharrette_138Morgan Charrette, beautiful desert flower. Graduating 2019 from Great Oak High! 2019_03_MorganCharrette_1382019_03_MorganCharrette_138Morgan Charrette, beautiful desert flower. Graduating 2019 from Great Oak High! 2019_03_MorganCharrette_1382019_03_MorganCharrette_138Morgan Charrette, beautiful desert flower. Graduating 2019 from Great Oak High! 2019_03_MorganCharrette_1382019_03_MorganCharrette_138Morgan Charrette, beautiful desert flower. Graduating 2019 from Great Oak High! 2019_03_MorganCharrette_1382019_03_MorganCharrette_138Morgan Charrette, beautiful desert flower. Graduating 2019 from Great Oak High! 2019_03_MorganCharrette_1382019_03_MorganCharrette_138Morgan Charrette, beautiful desert flower. Graduating 2019 from Great Oak High! 2019_03_MorganCharrette_1382019_03_MorganCharrette_138Morgan Charrette, beautiful desert flower. Graduating 2019 from Great Oak High! 2019_03_MorganCharrette_1382019_03_MorganCharrette_138Morgan Charrette, beautiful desert flower. Graduating 2019 from Great Oak High! 2019_03_MorganCharrette_1382019_03_MorganCharrette_138Morgan Charrette, beautiful desert flower. Graduating 2019 from Great Oak High! 2019_03_MorganCharrette_1382019_03_MorganCharrette_138Morgan Charrette, beautiful desert flower. Graduating 2019 from Great Oak High! 2019_03_MorganCharrette_1382019_03_MorganCharrette_138Morgan Charrette, beautiful desert flower. Graduating 2019 from Great Oak High! 2019_03_MorganCharrette_1382019_03_MorganCharrette_138Morgan Charrette, beautiful desert flower. Graduating 2019 from Great Oak High!

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Newborns don't always cooperate!! People always ask me how I get the babies to cooperate so well during my Newborn sessions so I thought I'd share with you... It's not always that simple. Especially when there are two and/or doing an on location photo shoot like this shoot featured below. Double the work but it's always worth it!!

For those of you who have experienced a newborn portrait session with me know that I have my studio set up in a small space.  This makes me able to heat the room easily to around 80 degrees with a small space heater which also creates a humming noise. This keeps baby comfy when all nakie!! Also I use a baby sound machine with a heartbeat sound to remind baby of the womb. But mostly its about patience and keeping a calm demeanor during the session. I feel like newborns can sense frustration and worry. So remaining calm durning these baby freak out moments really helps settle baby back down. And a little pacifier, shhhhing and gentle rock while baby is in place usually does the trick!

Every baby is different and you never know what you are going to get!

I absolutely adore my newborn shoots and creating these pieces of art that will stay in a family heart forever!


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Newborn Photography Safety and Editing Beautiful newborn portraits don't just happen. They take a lot of time and patience. Safety of our newborn babies during our sessions is extremely important and assistance is required in a lot of these poses.

This newborn pose was done with moms assistance. She simply supported her babies head from falling off to the side using a very light tough with her fingers toward the back of the head. This allows me to easily edit her hand in post production. We always have mom sit right out of frame but close enough to be of assistance incase her baby startles in the pose. 

Number one for newborn portraits is safety. Babies are so very fragile and I would never compromise the safety of a newborn for the "perfect shot". 


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Sarah Bracci Photographics Newborn Studio What We Do!At Bracci Mills Photography, we love capturing that special time in your lives so they can be enjoyed for years to come. We love photographing your family from newborn (and baby & children of course) to high school seniors, to wedding! We are based out of Fallbrook and Temecula but love to travel on location as well. It is so great to be able to do what we do! Thank you to all the families who put their trust in us to be your photographer! We know there are a lot of alternative options out there, and I am so thankful for your support! This is a little insight to our Fallbrook Studio for newborns. Thank you for watching!

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