Eva Lucia

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Fallbrook is known for being a small friendly town. So friendly that when you ask to hold a stranger's baby at the bar... well, they will let you. I had the pleasure to meet this lovely family at one of our favorite restaurants in town, Casa de Estrellas. It was a Saturday afternoon, and we were on our way home from my son's baseball game and, it just happened to be happy hour. My mom and brother had come to watch the game and so we decided to head over for a margarita and chips and salsa (the best in town). My mom and brother got a head start to the restaurant to grab a table. They were able to snag a high-top table in the bar area. My oldest son and I were shortly behind them. Being from Fallbrook, it's hard to go out without running into at least one person you know. This night was no exception. As we walk in I see another fire-wife with her son and his girlfriend. I said hello and chit-chatted for a few before heading to our table. 


Service was quick and on point. I ordered my favorite, the skinny margarita. It is so light and refreshing and not too sweet for my liking. But they sure do sneak up on you so you have to be careful! As we sat, my mother and I admired a shirt a lady was wearing at the bar. Compelled, my mom had to deliver a personal compliment. As she does, she realizes she knows the man she was with. A family acquaintance. He turns around to our table to say hi. As we are conversating, my brother is in his own conversation with the table next to us. He knew him from school and they have common friends, but had some catching up to do. The man held his newborn daughter and so effortlessly as if he had years of experience, held her in the football position with a soft bounce to soothe her. She was so mellow with a thick head of dark hair. Her tiny ears had little diamond studs. I dive in with admiration to find out it is a family tradition and her family home pierces the baby's ears. So adorable and I am in awe and think how much I love it when my newborn clients come in with that amount of hair. Mama was sitting off to the left. It just happened to be her first time out for a drink after their baby had been born and she is four weeks old now. And since they know the owners very well, I'm sure they made her a stiff one!


If you know me, then you know I've always wanted a baby girl. And often joke about trading or taking my friend's baby girls. Or if you're a client, you know I enjoy all the girl accessories that come along with sessions that include baby/toddler girls. But trust!! I am very happy with my two boys. And wouldn't change anything for the world! Back to the story... After my first skinny margarita, I gained the, well, I don't know if it is confidence... But I asked the dad if I could hold his 4-week-old Eva Lucia. AND, he let me!! It may have helped that my mom had been bragging about my skills as a Newborn Photographer... She is my top fan. Also, my brother knew the dad so it wasn't as if I was a complete stranger. I joked with dad about how I was going to steal her! Dad jokingly rebutted with laughter that her uncles all around would not allow anything to happen to little Eva Lucia. As I was holding the sweet baby, I realized my fire wife friend who was with her son and his girlfriend having dinner, would love the sight of this little lady. She also has two boys (although hers are grown) and as a boy mom, we love to admire baby girls and love the idea of grandbaby girls! I walked over and joked that her son and his long-term girlfriend better make my friend a grandma and call me for photos when that happens of course!


After holding Eva for some time, I decided I needed her in my studio and fast as she was already four weeks old and a typical newborn session takes place under 14 days of age. Mama and I talked and exchanged information and made it happen that very next day. Sunday's I generally reserve for church and family but they were such an amazing family and I decided to make an exception. I am happy I did. Her session went very smoothly and she did so well. 


I am so happy to be able to meet new people in this friendly small town everyday and provide a service to my community that will provide them with lasting memories they can enjoy generation after generation. Turning the first days of a newborns life into lasting memories in albums and framed art work is so important. Kids grow so fast especially in the first months. Trust me... I know first hand, as many of my readers do as well. 


Photography has been a passion for quite some time now. I am growing everyday, learning everyday and continuing to expand in any which way I can. From Newborn to Family and in between covering all the milestones life has to offer. High School Seniors Portraits, Headshots to Product Photography. Whatever your portrait needs are, I've got you covered. 


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