About my Senior Portraits

Seniors are beautiful people with special energy. I work closely with each to bring out the facets of their personalities in the form of visual art. Just as each human being is an individual, each photoshoot is also individual. I want to capture who you are and what you love and bring that out on camera. Your portraits should be a positive reflection of who you are.
My style is natural and relaxed. I like to enhance what’s naturally there rather than trying to create something that isn’t you. I work directly with my Seniors to choose a location that’s meaningful and photogenic. And also offer a studio set up for creative lighting. Below are my top 10 secrets to helping you take the best senior portraits ever!

1.  Bring Multiple Outfits

I highly recommend bringing 3 outfits to the shoot so we have options to play with. Make sure to bring extra shoes, props, and accessories so we can mix and match on the day of your session.


2.  Try on Outfits Beforehand

A lot of my clients like to take selfies in the mirror about a week beforehand to ask for my advice on their choice of wardrobe, and I’m always very happy to give tips and pointers. If you do get a new outfit or two for your photos, it’s super important for you to try them on (and possibly wear them for a full day) well in advance to make sure the fit is perfect and they’re comfortable for you. Comfort is key to getting great images!

3.  Keep Outfits Simple

This is a big one! Both ladies and gentlemen: avoid logos, mascots, and lots of small patterns at ALL costs unless you’re on a school team, and that’s part of your identity! Logos and mascots tend to take the focus off of your beautiful self, and small patterns can cause moire on camera. If you go with patterns that can look fabulous, make sure they’re simple, bold, and big. Text me a pic of anything you’re on the fence about so I can give you good input well before the shoot.

4. Hire a professional for hair and makeup

I cannot stress this enough: hire a professional to do your hair and makeup. These images we’re taking will last a lifetime and become a family treasure throughout the decades. It’s important to do everything you can to make sure they come out as beautifully as possible! Please let me know if you need a recommendation.


5. Manis & brows: something to think about

We’ll be doing a lot of poses with your hands and a lot of close-up facial shots. If you need a brow clean-up or some help to make your nails look fab, don’t shy away from having a professional work their magic on you before the session. Choosing a fun nail color can really add a pop of color to your images, so think of getting a mani as an extension of your outfits! 


6. Don't stress about braces 

Knowing what not to stress about is just as important as knowing what is! For starters, if you’re wearing braces, don’t worry about those one bit. The point of a senior portrait is to capture the most authentic version of the real you at this exceptional point in time. If you’re wearing braces, that’s 100% okay! You’ll look back on these images many years later and treasure these youthful details.


7. Don't stress about blemishes 

…and speaking of not stressing about things, there’s no need to stress about blemishes either! If you wake up the morning of the shoot and your skin isn’t looking 100% like you want it to, not to worry - I’ve got you covered (literally!). It’s my job to make your skin look its very best in the final edits of your images. Here is an example:

8. Tan lines. Just no.

Ladies, this is HUGE! If you happen to have tan lines from enjoying those days in the sun, make sure to choose outfits that strategically cover them up. Nothing ruins a beautiful photo more than a glaring tan line on your arms or back. If you have a tan line or two, hit me up the week before your session to strategize on outfits and poses together. 


9. Wear clear deodorant

On the day of the shoot, make sure you wear a clear deodorant. We’ll be playing with many different poses, and having your underarms looking clean and beautiful is a must. If you need a recommendation on a brand, email me beforehand, and I’ll help you out!


10. Guys, please shave. Seriously.

Guys, trust me. You don’t want to have a 5 o’clock shadow ruining your face close-ups. Please shave the morning before the session!