My Top Ten Tips

For Perfect Maternity Portraits




Planning a maternity photo session is a wonderful way to capture the beauty and excitement of expecting a new addition to your family. To ensure your session goes smoothly and results in stunning photographs, consider following my Top Ten Tips for a perfect Maternity Session:


1.  Clothing

Whether you are baring the belly or covering up, I recommend bringing two outfits that you are comfortable with to your session. Make sure the outfits you choose are ones you love wearing and feel amazing in. It will make a world of difference in the images. Keep outfits simple from loud designs, logos, etc. I want to keep the focus on you and that baby bump. For families, be sure the outfits are in color harmony. 

If you are unsure and have nothing to wear, don't worry! I've got you covered (or not). I have fabrics we can drape around to cover sensitive areas and maternity dresses in simple colors. 

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2. Hair and makeup

If you don't normally wear makeup, keep it simple.  A little mascara will give your eyes a little pop in the images. It is important, however, to avoid trying new makeup techniques the day of. Practice a few days ahead and see how it feels. It is also important to watch for makeup lines and blend lines, especially down the neckline. 

If you can, hire a professional for your hair and makeup. A professional will make you look and feel your very best, and you will be more confident during the session. These images we’re taking will last a lifetime and become a family treasure throughout the decades!


3. Good night's rest and hydration


It is important to ensure your family gets lots of rest the night before the session. We want everyone's eyes to be bright and everyone to feel themselves. It is also important to stay well hydrated. Drinking lots of water the day before will get your skin full and hydrated, looking beautiful and glowing. 


4. Forget the blemishes 


There’s no need to stress! If you wake up the morning of the shoot and your skin isn’t looking 100% like you want it to, not to worry - I’ve got you covered (literally!). It’s my job to make your skin look the very best in the final edits of your images. 

2023_08_Kayti Mitchell_1722023_08_Kayti Mitchell_172 2021_08_Jenna_1702021_08_Jenna_170


5. Looking your best

If you have any concerns, please let me know beforehand so I can do my best to accommodate them during the session and post edits. A client told me they prefer one side of the face. Knowing this ahead of time helped me greatly in composing the family together!  Another had a missing tooth and was afraid to smile for fear it would show. Knowing this helped me change my angle to keep it out of frame. So if there is anything you want to avoid or show off, please let me know. 




6. Manicuress & brows: something to think about

There will be some poses with your hands and many close-up facial shots. You may consider having your nails and brows done a day before your session. Choosing a fun nail color can add a pop of color to your images, so think of getting a mani as an extension of your outfits! 

2023_08_Lorilee-Gassmann_1182023_08_Lorilee-Gassmann_118 2023_02_Julia-Arcos_1582023_02_Julia-Arcos_158


6. Don't stress about stretch marks 

Knowing what not to stress about is as important as knowing what is! For starters, don’t worry about those stretch lines one bit. It is apart of motherhood. Some go away and some do not. Whatever your preference is, we can edit them out or leave them in all their glory.  


8. Dry Skin

If you suffer from dry skin, be sure to lotion up the day of. We want. 

2021_08_Burhop-Emily_4272021_08_Burhop-Emily_427 2021_08_Burhop-Emily_3162021_08_Burhop-Emily_316


9. Wear clear (or no) deodorant

On the day of the shoot, wear clear or no deodorant. Don't worry, I won't judge! We’ll be playing with many different poses, and your underarms must look clean and beautiful. There may be poses with your arms over your head! 


10. Stay Relaxed & Have Patience

If you're bringing your family, remember to stay relaxed and have patience. Children can pick up on stress. Stay calm and positive, even if things don’t go exactly as planned. A relaxed atmosphere leads to more authentic and happy photos. Children can be unpredictable, and it’s important to go with the flow. Allow time for breaks and be patient. Sometimes the best shots come from unplanned, candid moments.


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