Memorial Service Video





3-10 minute custom slideshow

Optional description per image/group of images

Images and video clips

Music of choice



Scanning of images

1-9 images $3 each image

10-19 images $2.5 each image
20-49 images $2 each image

50-99 images $1.5 each image

100+ images $1 each image

Restoration of images (scanned or digital)

1-5 $10 each

6-10 $9 each

11+ $8 each


USB with digital images and video

$25 each


Client Memorial video Examples:

Barbara Brown

Natalie Walters

Brian Thompson

Johnnie Robert Quier


How it Works

Step One: 

Contact me via the form below, phone, or email. We will go over the details and make sure we are prepared to have the video ready by the time of the service.


Step Two: 

Gather and organize your images. If any captions over images, tile cards, or specific orders are requested, I require all images to be in that order upon delivery with notes, if any. We will discuss how this is to be best done during our consultation. Choose the length of the slideshow video and the music to play in the background if any. You may choose up to 3 songs for a 10-minute video. 


Step Three: 

Drop off all materials at my studio during my working hours. I require 25% of the session fee upfront, as well as any scanning and restoration add-ons. We will review the materials to be sure we are all prepared and aware of all details for the slideshow video. And I will get to work.


Step Four:

You will return to the studio. I will return all materials provided to me for the service, and we will preview the slideshow video. It will be finalized and delivered via download or USB if ordered. The remaining invoice will be due at this time and your product delivered immediately. 



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