Choosing Your Location

Beautiful imagery can be created just about anywhere. It is essential, however, to choose a location that speaks to you and your desired look for your session. Here in So Cal, we are blessed with so many great options.

I love creating portraits that spotlight the subject with minimal distractions. I use a low depth of field to help control this desired look. I want my subject crisp and clean and the backdrop slightly blurred in neutral colors.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a location is its busyness. Portraits are meant to be about you. Having random people sit next to you or walk into a frame is not ideal. 

Whether you prefer a natural nature environment, a groomed scenery, or a structural, it's a personal choice, and what makes you happy ultimately makes me happy. 

Below are some examples of sessions in different locations. Take a look and see what you like best.



Please note that the location you choose may look different from the pictures below based on the time of year, weather, and landscaping done. I've seen locations change in just one week!


Bonsall Preserve (Middle)


Bonsall Preserve (Southside)


Bonsall Preserve (Northside)


Dinwiddie Preserve, Fallbrook


Los Jilgueros Preserve, Fallbrook


Live Oak Park, Fallbrook


Pala Mesa Resort, Fallbrook


Monserate Winery, Fallbrook


The Old Bonsall Bridge, Bonsall


River Village Shopping Center, Bonsall