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Newborn Photography is where my career as a photographer began. I guess you can say I was a mom with a nice camera and novice photography background. I had started with a few college courses right out of high school when cameras were still film and darkrooms. When technology took a switch, so did I. I bought a kit digital camera which I thought was amazing at the time. But was still discouraged to become a photographer as now it seemed so easy. How could anyone make a living as a photographer when it seemed so simple for me. Well, 10 years of keeping my passion as a hobby getting asked constantly to take photos of friends babies, kids, families and even a few weddings. If only then I had the confidence and faith as I do now.I love documenting each milestone of your baby. From three months, six months, nine months to the first year. Watching families grow through the years of family portraits until your little one is ready for his or her High School Senior is my goal! I am so blessed and grateful for my clients trust to conquer lifes most precious moments. Thank you for visiting. My name is Sarah Bracci, your local Portrait Photographer specializing in Newborn photos, your growing family and everything portrait.

It took my first born son to make the leap, or at least start. My maternity leave gave me a jumpstart to my passion to become and do what I always wanted to do. I had the time and a cute little human being to practice with. Unfortunatley, I had to have an emergency caesarian section and moving around wasn't as easy as I thought, but I was still able to photograph my newborn. I have to admit, they weren't the best, but they weren't horrible either. 

Fast forward three years in 2016. I have two boys under the age of 3 now and decided to start a business. My youngest was a year and a half. I had to upgrade some equipment, so, I got a MacBook Pro, a Canon Mark III, and a cannon 24-70 lens. I started a website and enrolled in multiple courses to dial in my profession and decided to niche in the newborn genre. Now, 2022 in business for six years and opening up my studio space in North County San Diego in my small town, Bonsall in the River Village Shopping Center.